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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Kamameishi: They are the first Ekiben, or railroad box lunch. Making the containers for these helped get Mashiko through some bad economic times.
I was firing the woodkiln yesterday. Jean always pampers me when I am firing: made me kamameishi chicken (or, I should say, "my Canadian Gandma's Sage & Apple Stuffing with chicken." I figured out cooking stuffing this way because we don't have a "real" oven. They aren't common in Japan. I made stuffing, put it in the kamameishi and put a chicken breast (skin & all) on top and baked it in the toaster over. I'll never have to wait 'til Thanksgiving for Sage Stuffing again. Found sage seeds at Starnet Cafe (a resturant, gallery and clothing store that has a small organic food section too.) So I have fresh Sage growing in a flower box (trim it, dry it, and more grows back.) It is much better than the canned stuff.

So, at the end of firing, and after a hot soak in the Ofuro (Japanese bath), I sat down to Sage stuffing and Chicken, and a cold mug of Kirin...
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