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Friday, March 18, 2005

Unprocessed clay. Clay in not air floated or mixed. It is just made into a slurry and run through screens to get the stones out.
Lee Love

Clay processing equipment.
Lee Love

pullies and gears for filter press.
Lee Love

Huge ball mill.
Lee Love

Stones from the ball mills.
Lee Love

Clay settling pools.
Lee Love

Huge filter press.
Lee Love

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Saw this male pheasant on our walk this morning. Had to use highest resolution and maxxed out the telephoto, then cropped.

Potters Of St. Ives

Looking at the list below of the people who have passed through St. Ives, makes one wonder why Leach isn't more influential and not viewed with more reverence and esteem in our time.     
            We forget... and worse, we fail to remind those who are coming after us. ..
(see even more information here: )

Patricia Ashmore
Anne Marie Backer-Mohr
Richard Batterham
Cecil Baugh
John Bedding
Muriel Bell
Joe Benny
John Bew
Robert Blatherwick
Valerie Bond
Ian Box
Nora Braden
Amanda Brier
Alan Brough
Tony Burgess
Michael Cardew
Michael Cartwright
Len Castle
Valentinos Charalambous
John Coney
Laurie Cooks
Trevor Corser
Pierre Culot
Harry Davis
Eleanor De Silva
Beryl Debney
Dinah Dunn
Horatio Dunn
Chantal Dunoyer
Derek Emms
Charlotte Epton
Gutte Eriksen
Walter George Firth
Robert Fishman
Bernard Forrester
Sylvia Fox-Strangeways
Grattan Freyer
Judy Gardner
Mary Gibson-Horrocks
Michael Gill
Atsuya Hamada
Shinsaku Hamada
Shoji Hamada
Tomoo Hamada
Hanssen Pigott
Sylvia Hardaker
Peter Hardy
Anne-Marie Harrison
Nic Harrison
Elizabeth Heinz
Michael Henry
Patrick Heron
Shigeyoshi Ichino
Clary Illian
Richard Jenkins
Jorgen Jorgensen
Dorothy Kemp
Dick Kendall
Robert King
Anne Kjaersgaard
William Klock
Helena Klug
Susan Kraft
Paul Lajoire
Jeffrey D Larkin
Bernard Leach
David Leach
John Leach
Margaret Leach
Janet Leach
Michael Leach
Glenn Lewis
Ruth Lyle
Alix Mackenzie
Warren Mackenzie
Scott Marshall
Susan Marshall William Marshall
Tsuronosuke Matsubayashi
Barbara Millard
Donald Mills
Kenneth Murray
Aileen Newton
Jeff Oestreich
Nirmala Patwardhan
Kim Perry
Helen Pincombe
Katharine Playdell-Bouverie
Wayne Pinder
Kenneth Quick
John Reeve
Lucy Rie
Kristen Roth
Mansimran Singh
May Scott (Davis)
Mirek Smisek
Bunty Smith
Susan Smith
Peter Snagg
Tim Stampton
David Stannard
Ian Steel
Peter Stichbury
Byron Temple
Brenda Tinklin
Michael Truscott
Zelia Vandenberg
Jason Wason
Joanna Wason
Robin Welch
George Whitacker
Peter Wood
Susan Wood
William Worral
Jack Worseldine
Douglas Zadek

Monday, March 14, 2005

This is from the Chandra X-Ray telescope:
copyright 2005 Lee Love

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Oldest Jomon Skeletonfrom Oya. It is the same place where Oya volcanic sandstone comes from, that is traditionally used for building foundations and walls.
copyright 2005 Lee Love

Irabo (Runny Ash Glaze) Shigaraki Clay Tsubo

This is an Irabo glazed and paddled Shigaraki clay pot. I use Hamada's recipe: dobai (wood ash) 4 parts, Amakusa stone (you can try a grolleg clay body) 1.5 parts, and Odo (ochre) 2 parts.
copyright 2005 Lee Love

I brush a thin coat of Irabo (runny ash glaze) on the bottom and then dip a regular coat at the top. This allows for the glaze runs, without sticking the pot to the kiln shelf. The Irabo pots are always put on shells just in case.
copyright 2005 Lee Love

These runs stopped exactly where I hoped!
copyright 2005 Lee Love

Saturday, March 05, 2005

This is from two days ago. It was still coming down. Jean's teaching classes were cancelled, so she took the time to go to the Yakuba (City Office) to have our taxes done. The office was slow, as she hoped the snow would do, but she saw Fukuyan, the "retired" Forman from my teacher's pottery. They actually help you prepare your taxes here!
copyright 2005 Lee Love

We just had about 8 inches of snow. Our Akita Taiko loves it.
copyright 2005 Lee Love

This is a nappa (chinese cabbage, used for a kimchee type pickle) in the field. They tie them with rice straw and it helps them last into the middle of winter. They are far gone now.
copyright 2005 Lee Love

The grandfather working on this has made it about twice as long since I took this photo.
copyright 2005 Lee Love

Veggies in winter storage
copyright 2005 Lee Love

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Shimaoka in the '70s. Notice the two "Western" deshis/apprentices.
copyright 2005 Lee Love