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Sunday, May 02, 2004


You can never go wrong making more stuff, and it is good to know all aspects of your craft, but you can also over emphasize chasing the "holy grail" of the perfect glaze.
Check out this video: Peter Voulkos: "Glazes and Grading" I title the clip "Three Dumb Glazes."

3.9MBs large, so start downloading and go read your email or something.
There is also a great clip of Hamada throwing. I think it might be in the Autio clip.

Went with visitors (ClayArt friends from Texas) to the Hamada museum last week. Many of Hamada's pieces there have glazes on them that would be considered imperfect. They would make some of our "Glaze Gurus" soil their pants. Many of the old Korean Yi pieces are similar.
So, it gets you thinking about where the maker's genius actually comes from.

Lee in Mashiko, Japan